Prayer Request

There Are No Limits to Prayer

No prayer request is too big or too small. Some people call when they’ve lost a loved one; others call when they’ve misplaced their keys! Even if you are not sure what to pray for, our prayer team will pray with you about your situation.

Unity Prayer Request

In Unity we know the power of prayer.  Unity was founded on affirmative, life-giving prayer.  The use of affirmative prayer started with Unity’s co-founder, Myrtle Fillmore in the late 1800s. Myrtle was the mother of three young boys when she was diagnosed with an illness of which there was no known cure at the time. She began studying “mind science” and attended a lecture by E.B. Weeks where she heard, “You are a child of God and you cannot inherit sickness.” She took these words to heart and sequestered herself for many months speaking words of praise to every part of her body. Eventually she was healed from her illness. Her husband Charles Fillmore, upon seeing her success, also began praying in the same manner and was cured of a withered hip.

Myrtle was so excited by her new relationship with prayer that she began to pray for other people. Eventually she and Charles began holding prayer circles in their home and this small group grew into the Unity movement and Silent Unity, which is the longest running prayer ministry in the world. Prayer is still available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Silent Unity.

If you would like prayer, please leave a voicemail on our phone at 360-479-1757.