E-Blast 16 October 2019




Sunday, October 20th at 10am – Rev. Linda Fisher “Living in the Now”  
Affirmation: “I am reborn with each new day.”

Life is lived in the present. We as humans having a spiritual experience can get caught in the past and let old feelings, habits, and hurts cloud our outlook in the present. We let “monkey mind” carry us away into the past or future. Let’s focus on being and not doing. Let’s build our spiritual muscle and response to life instead of reacting to it. The Buddhist tool of “Breathe” is a useful way to bring us back and turn away from appearances. Let’s get centered and live in the Now!
If you missed her talk from last week you can watch it on our YouTube Channel!

October Birthdays!!

And Happy Birthday to anyone else who is celebrating a birthday in October!!!

Unity of Bremerton Needs You!!!

We have 4 open seats on the Board of Trustees as of November!

Now is a Great time to become a Board Member and be a part of shaping

the FUTURE of Unity of Bremerton!

Please talk to a current Board Member on Sunday and let them know

you want to join the team!!!!

We are sharing space at the Steadfast Masonic Lodge at 1020 Perry Avenue, on the corner of Perry and 11th, across from Der Blokken Brewery, in Manette. Please come early for parking and especially if you need assistance (we can park your car for you).  If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at office@unitybremerton.org or message us on Facebook!

Daily Word
Read by Marilyn Carlson
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Upcoming Events


October 27th – Rev. Linda Fisher – “What Masks Are You Wearing?”

November 10th – Annual Congregational Meeting at 12pm

Every Thursday evening 7pm to 8pm: A Course in Miracles – an open study group


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