Thoughts for June 2020 by Rev. Michael Gregory

We have all been going through very trying times together, not only at home, but at our church home as well. However I think we can start to feel better if we can understand the process by which life and God operate. That process is a six letter word known as CHANGE! It is THE fact of life, not just a fact of life.

God is and always will be working in a through each one of us. Prayer is the way we can navigate the seemingly troubled waters of our lives. Remember that principle by which Unity operate are not only faith based, but scientific. This is why our teachings are considered metaphysical in nature. In the words of Emmet Fox, from “The Golden Key”- “ In scientific prayer it is God who works, and not you, and so your limitations or weaknesses are of no account in the process.” He continues “ as for the actual method of working, like all fundamental things, it is simplicity itself. Stop thinking about the difficulty, whatever it is, and think about God instead. This is the complete rule, and if you only will do this, the trouble, whatever it is, will disappear. This is absolute Unity principle”. Our founder Charles Fillmore said that the world is filled with what he called “race consciousness”. Not referring to racism, but rather the “human race”.

The classic example would be the TV news that sensationalizes every detail of every issue to promote their ratings. If you are feeling overwhelmed by it all, turn it OFF! All the details will work themselves out in each life without your input. Do not let the negative reports change your essential make up as a child of a loving God. Let go and let God!

God is total, creative, boundless energy! Just like a child. In “The Unity Guide To Healing”, Connie Filmore Strickland says “ If a small child bounds with energy, so should we! The life of God is unchanging; it is no different in a child than it is in an adult. There is no reason for us to lose the feeling of limitless energy and enthusiasm. There is within us a strong compelling will to live. With every breath we affirm life. Nothing can defeat the life within us, for it is of God. It is without beginning or end; it is free and pure and perfect; it cannot be weakened by the appearance of disease, it is powerful, perfect, ceaseless, changeless – it is within us!”

As the 12 step programs say, fear stands for “ False Evidence Appearing Real”. These are the good old days right now! Take this time to go inward and recognize the Divinity within you. See it in your loved ones as well. Find ways to enjoy the trips you can make and see them as opportunities to spread the word of love to everyone you meet. Go to the park alone if you must, get out there and commune with Nature. Take the time to listen for and see God’s presence in everyone you meet.

In the words of 20th century Christian Mystic Joel Goldsmith “ There is no place where God ends and man begins. In that sense God is the life of you, the Soul of you the Spirit of you…. The eyes are  called the windows of the Soul. Soul is God…Whatever of life, love, intelligence there is flowing through any individual is God and is necessarily greater than the individual, but yet One, just as the sun and sunshine are one.

So in the month of June enjoy the sun and whatever else comes. Remember all of it is an expression of God!