Unity in Action Teams

Board of Trustees
Our Board of Trustees are a group of people that includes the Minister, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and two Church Members plus an Alternate Member.  The Board duty is to uphold the purpose of this ministry.  The Board manages the business side of the church.

Budget and Finance Team
Under the direction and leadership of our Board Treasurer, a team of volunteers come together in support of the Treasurer.  Every year before our Annual Meeting, the Treasurer of our Board gathers a team of people to create a new budget for the next fiscal year.

Fund Raising Teams
These are groups created for specific fundraising campaigns made up of people who are dedicated to creating and running fundraising drives upon the direction and approval of the Board.

Sunday Celebration Teams
We have many teams and areas to serve under our Sunday Celebration Team.

  • Platform Team – These are individuals who are able to lead in love and joy from the pulpit assisting in creating a joyful experience.
  • Hospitality Team – One of the important ways people feel welcome at a church is by breaking bread together.  This team sets up coffee and snacks for fellowship directly following our service.
  • Prayer Chaplain – An important part of our Sunday Service and every day is prayer.  At Unity of Bremerton we have the benefit of volunteers who have gone through Prayer Chaplaincy and are skilled at praying with others.
  • Youth Education – An important asset to Unity of Bremerton is our children.  It is important for us to provide education for our youth so they may meet life with ease, grace, skills, and tools.
  • Musicians – We know that music is an important part of our Sunday Service that creates an enriching experience.  We have a variety of guest musicians who keep our services lively and encouraging.
  • Technology Team – This team maintains and operates the equipment that allows our speakers and musicians to enjoy using a robust sound system.  This team is also responsible for maintaining and operating our visual presentation equipment.  This dedicated team maintains and operates our live streaming equipment to enable us to provide our experience to those around the world who cannot physically attend our services.

Education Team
This team creates and facilitates all education for youth and adults.

Spic and Span Team
This is a team of people who clean our church.

Administrative Team
This team headed up by our Board President works for all of us by creating, distributing, and mailing information, brochures, flyers, and correspondence.  This team also puts together the weekly bulletin to make sure everyone can follow along through the service.

Social Media Team
This team creates, supports, and supplies all social media sites with activities pertaining to Unity of Bremerton.  This team also makes sure that recording of services are edited and uploaded to YouTube so they can be shared on the church’s social media sites such as FaceBook and Twitter.