Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

A lot of ostomates have some kind of sore skin around their stoma, and it’s almost a part of their stoma journey. 

The problem, however, is that it’s a very common ordeal. The sore and irritated skin may cause redness, discomfort, and itching, which if not treated does lead to issues with how the stoma sticks to the sin. 

Sore sin is actually very easily remedied in a lot of cases, and it’s important to look at this. Here, you’ll learn what the cause of this is, and the solutions to such. 

The Cause 

The cause of this is a few things.

The most common is leakage, due to the output getting underneath your adhesive, which affects how it affixes to the skin, so it’s important to make sure tat the size of the stoma and the area around it fits decently. 

The second thing is the stoma shape. This does change, and it’s normal for this to reduce in the size as the swelling reduces. If you discover that you’ve gained some weight, or lost some weight, the stoma pouch may not fit perfectly. The solution is to talk to the stoma nurse to help. 

This is also caused by pancaking, which is where there is a vacuum which develops between the stoma and the lining that’s inside, and as a result of tis, waste isn’t able to drop, but instead it pools around, resulting in leaks. 

This of course can be fixed by making sure the stoma fits 

It also is important to make sure hat the stoma is dry after being cleaned. When you apply anything to the damp part, it acts as a way where the adhesive cant’ stick, making the skin much more prone to irritation as well. 

Ten there’s allergies. Allergies are the final cause of this, since if you’re using new creams and such, you may notice it’s causing issues down the line. It is imperative to speak to your stoma nurse to offer different products which may be of help. 

What you can Do 

The best thing to do is to keep the stoma nice and clean, but also dry, and wash it with soaps and some water. These can also be done without soap, and some fragrance items, since this does contribute to the irritation. You also should avoid baby wipes since that can cause an oily residue to form, which makes it hard for it to seal. 

When you do this, lightly dry the area and make sure that you also use a skin barrier before you add the stoma pouch if you do have irritated skin already. One of the most popular ones that people use is iLex cream, and most ostomates swear by this one. 

Overall, if you’re able to make sure that everything’s clean, that there is no irritation, and that you’re able to easily and effectively create the best experience that you can, you will most certainly benefit from this. You can always speak to the ostomy nurse if you notice that you have a lot of irritation, and it’s not going away. 

For a lot of people, especially ostomates that are looking to really make sure that their skin and body is kept nice and clean, taking care of tis will matter a lot, since a lot of people who don’t, end up with irritation and infection, which is never anything fun for anyone, but with these preventative measures, you can always, without fail, have the easiest and most effective means to take care of your body.