Oneness and Racism – Dr. Jim Lockard

An excerpt from Dr. Jim Lockard’s blog:

I am the life of life,
I am that cat, this stone, no one…
I see and know all times and all worlds,
As one, one, always ONE…
Oneness always!

~ Rumi

From a belief in Oneness – a belief that we are not individuals, but individualized expressions of One Spirit. We are like the fingers on your hand – unable to exist apart from the hand, as inextricably linked as is possible.

When I look at the world through the eyes of Oneness, only love and compassion make sense – for everything and everyone is one with me, connected like the fingers on my hand. We all share a connection to Spirit (or whatever we call Source), from which we get our life energy and intelligence and into which we think. Like the blood which flows into our fingers from our body and then returns changed, the energy of Spirit, the life force if you will, enters us, is used by us, and is returned to Source. As the same blood flows into each finger and becomes whatever that finger is, so the life force flows into us and becomes me and you. It is all one thing – it is all love energy.

“All human behavior is the expression of love. Some of it is skillful, and some of it is unskillful.” ~ Ken Keyes, “Handbook of Higher Consciousness”

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