Happy Holidays – Winter Solstice – Happy Hanukkah – Happy Kwanzaa – Happy Christmas

As the Season of Light blessings us, we emerge from the darkness into an enlightened state of mind.
We celebrate with friends – our spiritual community – and family.
Whatever traditions you hold dear this time of year, please know that you are loved beyond measure. As a “child of God” you came into this life with all the promise and purpose required. You are whole and healthy.

As we seek ways to build a bigger table we are called to practice compassion and remove our filters and our judgments. We are called to see the “Face of God” in everyone we meet. Let’s release old patterns and habits which are holding us back or limiting our lives.

I am asking you to join us in a greater way in 2020. Plugin, take a class, share your spiritual wisdom with us. Let us be transformed by your gifts and talents. We are the teacher and the student. Awaken within yourself a higher vibration and make the coming year the best yet.
I look forward to learning from you, sharing with you, celebrating 75 years of making a difference on the Kitsap Peninsula. I am so blessed.
Happy New Year!