I Surrender to My Divine Assignment

“We are all here by divine appointment. We all have a divine purpose we are meant to fulfill. One of the ultimate goals of spiritual growth is to identify the nature of our purpose and then to live it. This is not fate. It is not destiny. This is the finding and fulfilling of one’s divine assignment.”                        Wendy Craig Purcell

I Surrender to My Divine Assignment

I marvel at the joyous sounds of life. I bathe in the gratitude of life.  Knowing that as I surrender to the Divine forces and principles that are always at work in this universe, I let the past go and use only the positive lessons filled with excitement and love.

I complete the process of self-forgiveness by letting go of what I have and celebrating what I have become. I keep my focus on my dream and am prepared to do anything to make it come true. I encourage others to reach their goals by diligently working toward my own. I choose thoughts that create a wonderful present and I move forward joyously. Everything I have conceived—and now believe—I achieve. I praise and give thanks that God is in charge of my life and affairs.

I release from my mind all negative, destructive, fearful ideas and thoughts, replacing them with healthy, positive, courageous thoughts. I move through all transitions with ease and joy. Miracles happen because I am willing to be changed and healed. I step out in faith doing more and being more than I have ever dared to do or be.

In gratitude for knowing and living this truth, my word goes forth with absolute faith that the right and perfect outcome are already done. Grateful I AM.  So be it.