As I sit at Alderbrook Resort waiting for new friends and members of my spiritual community to arrive for tea I marvel at the beauty of this planet. For us, at Unity of Bremerton, we are focusing on gratitude this month. The past two months have been full of blessings and change for me. The grandest blessing for me has been the awareness that God is in the midst of everything. As my feelings and thoughts have waffled from confidence to self-doubt I noticed that the time spent in confidence is longer than that of self-doubt. I no longer should, would, could myself. I pray myself up, I utilize a Prayer Chaplain/Practitioner and I move my feet.

I am grateful for new friends and a new loving spiritual community who have embraced me and are walking this new path of ministry with me.

As the sun moves across Hood Canal and I savor my warm cup of green tea I #rememberwhoiam, #loveonly, and #forgiveeverything.

Blessings along the path,

Rev. Linda