E-Blast November 21, 2018


Moving Day – Sunday, November 25th from 10am until ? – We made the decision as a community to move, so we need your help in making it happen! We need boxes, tape, and all hands on deck! Even if you cannot physically help pack boxes your presence is wanted and needed! We will pray together, pack together, maybe even have a snack together! Please join us as we prepare for the next step in our journey of faith together!!

 So, where are we moving to? We will be sharing space at the Masonic Lodge in Manette. The address is 1020 Perry Ave., Bremerton, WA 98310. It’s on the corner of Perry and 11th, across the street from Der Blokken Brewery. Our first gathering at the new location will be Sunday, December 9th.

Furniture for Sale: We have bookcases, tables, wood file cabinets, silk plants, office supplies, and other items for sale. If you are interested in any of these items please email us at office@unitybremerton.org. We will post pictures of some of the items on our Facebook page and we will continue to update that page.

Happy Thanksgiving! Whether you are alone on this holiday or sharing a meal with friends and family, take a moment to observe and express thankfulness for life’s abundance.  Elaine Meyer, Editor of Daily Word writes:

Our prayers of thanksgiving clear the way for the mystery to unfold as we embrace and express our divine potential.

As caring, compassionate beings, we seek to be fully present for ourselves and our loved ones. We are sentient beings, standing on the fringe of divine mystery while holding a sacred space for the world.

May we always find peace in our lives, love to share, wonder in everyday things, peace in our hearts, and gratitude for blessings not yet received.

We will keep you updated with the progress of our move and other important things going on! Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day! We are thankful you are a part of Unity of Bremerton!

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Read by Marilyn Carlson
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Together we are advancing the movement of spiritual awakening and transformation through Unity, a positive path for spiritual living.  Your love and generosity are what make the ministry of this church possible.  Your tithes and gifts both honor God and allow the church to fulfill the work we are called to do.  Thank you for being part of our church community and for your faithful support in thought, deed, and prayer.  We see the strength of God always within you.  We see you blessed abundantly with love, health, and happiness in your life and the lives of those around you.  We see the energy of God flowing through you now.

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