Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

There’s a ton of different kinds of ostomy surgeries that are done for various types of problems and conditions within your bowels. The type of stoma that the surgeon makes is entirely dependent on the surgery reason, such as diverting the stool away from a diseased area since it may need to be removed . Any part of the large or small bowel can be used to create a stoma. 

You have three different types of stomas, and here, we’ll go over what a double-barreled stoma is, and why it’s important. 

The Stoma types 

First, you have the end stoma, which is where the bowel end is pulled up to the surface location of the abdomen, and the remaining bowel is closed, left inside. 

The second is a loop where a loop of your bowel is brought to the surface, diverting stool away from the healing point in your bowel, or a part of the diseased bowel, giving it time to be healed, possibly reattached. 

Then you have a double-barreled stoma, where the bowel is separated into two, and both ends are brought up onto each side. For example, two ends of your large intestine, or your small bowel, and it may be the end of a large bowel too. They may also do two ends of the small bowel too. 

When it’s Used 

A double-barreled stoma is typically a temporary colostomy, which is done to the read of the bowel area, and later on, this may be closed up. It is oftentimes used for temporary diversion as well, which in those instances where a resection for your large bowel is needed because of perforation or necrosis. 

For those who need it due to cancer, it may be used as an option since it’s temporary for the colon and rectum, and sometimes, people do have the option for this to be reversed too. 

What it Looks Like 

This is very similar to your typical colostomies, but oftentimes may be a little bit bigger because of the parts of the large bowel that are used, and also due to the other ends which are visible to the abdomen surface and it’s often higher on the abdomen than the other types of surgeries. 

Appliance Type 

Because of the stoma location, the output is semi-solid, so it will require a drainable appliance in most cases, so that the skin around that area may not be disturbed by the constant removal of the pouches. However, if you try this, you do need to check for soreness of the skin there, and make sure that the template and appliance is fit so that the stoma health is readied and good. 

With that said, if you do need to get one of these, you should talk to your doctor or your stoma nurse for anything that can make this easier for you. For a lot of people, there are some benefits to this sort of thing, and if you want to have a good experience with your stoma, the best way to do this is to make sure that you know what you’re doing before you leave the hospital. 

A double barreled surgery is usually not the most common type, but for those fighting cancer, or who possibly may need something like this, it’s a good way to offer better health for the stoma, so that when you do end up doing this, it works for you, and it offers a lot of options for the patient so that they feel good, and so that their stoma has good health.