Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

January is the new year, and new changes to the body. 

One thing that people always try to do is lose weight, since many of us have these plans, but do we normally stick to them? 

It’s a challenge, and if you have a stoma, this is probably a whole lot harder due to how hard it can be to focus on this, and of course the worry that the stoma may hold you back. 

If you’ve recently had stoma surgery, you probably did the opposite and may have lost your appetite. 

At the beginning of post-stoma surgery, you probably will eat a little bit less, so it’s not always really good for you to start with, so it’s good to focus on the post-operative recovery stage, and more calories to heal. 

Stoma and Exercising 

It’s very important that the balance between both diet and exercise is correct. 

There’s a lot of exercises that can be done in your home, and you don’t even have to enroll in a gym if you don’t have to. 

Some people really like those online zoom exercise classes, and that can be a good place to start if you’re looking to do this. 

There’s a lot of links for you to try, and sometimes, doing this from the comfort of your own home makes you feel better too. 

For those that prefer the outdoors, sometimes going out and just walking is a good way to begin. It’s free, and you can increase the pace as you continue, and you can do this within your bubble too. 

With all exercises with a stoma, there is always a lot of benefit to doing a little bit of this each day, so make sure that you do focus on a little bit, let it go a long way, and from there, you should definitely take it nice and slow before you do anything drastic. 

What About diets? 

A good part of dieting is that it’s pretty easy to start out with surgery. 

But the problem is, some people cut out entire food groups, and that becomes a problem with those who are stoma patients, simply because they’re always struggling to get enough nutrients. 

The best thing to do is that instead of cutting out the entire food group, try to follow the concept of everything in moderation! This means eating less saturated fats and processed foods, cutting out the red meat and sugary foods, and instead eating more fruits and veggies, which is the best advice for this. 

And if you’re eating stuff, also make sure that this is compatible with the stoma, since suddenly introducing a lot of high-fiber foods create a lot of trouble, since it can cause the output to become more liquid, which isn’t totally ideal. 

Sometimes, if you want to thicken the output, having some ripe bananas can help with this.  You may want to consider fiber as an option if you’re going to feel fuller, but also keep in mind that when you do this, it does activate the stoma, which isn’t always a good thing.

With that whole thing said, it’s imperative to make sure that you also take the time and effort to ensure that you’re also taking care of your stoma, and you also take it nice and slow. 

Being a stoma patient doesn’t mean you can’t diet and exercise, but what it means for you instead is you need to be smart with this, and you should make sure that you know what you’re doing before you start with this.