Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

A urostomy is done to make a way for the urine in your body to leave into a pouch, bag, or other means.  Usually, they’re called ileal conduits or a urinary diversion. 

There are a different number of reasons for this. One of the most common is bladder cancer, which does affect the ability of the bladder to work right. Depending on the reason for this, the bladder might be removed, or it may not be. A urostomy does take the urine and divert it away from the kidneys and bladder all the way over to a pouch or bag if you choose to use this. 

The way the stoma is created in this case does create some mucous strands in your urine, but for the most part, it’s pretty easy to handle so long as you have enough water and fluids, and it can also help with how long you wear the appliance too. 

Getting used to this is a bit more daunting, and the big thing to understand is, so long as you’re able to learn how to care of this, it does become second nature to you. 

How does this Look 

Before you go into the operation, it’s normal to have questions, but you may wonder what the appliance will be looking like. 

While there is no need to feel embarrassed by this, it’s important to make sure that you understand that the appliance is discreet, so when you’re clothed, it may seem less obvious. Many people wont notice it though unless you tell them. 

There’s a bunch of different appliances out there for you to try, such as a tap outlet, and others are bung, which allows for the appliance to be drained right into the toilet. 

This will hold the same volume as the urine in your bladder, so you won’t need to drain it more than before you had the surgery. 

Some people like to put a drainage bag at night there to help them sleep without the appliance over-filling, but again, that’s ultimately a personal choice. 

What about hobbies 

Some people are worried about whether or not the urostomy will affect the things that you enjoy.

The nurse will advise you on things that you should be a bit more cautious about with recovery, but the likelihood is that you’ll be fully recovered and able to go back to what you love. 

Depending on the surgery type, you could be gradually returning to exercising, especially light exercises, as soon as four weeks after the operation. 

But strenuous activities may not be something that you shouldn’t be doing.  Swimming, light cardio, and very light weight training is what you want to do, and you should use a urostomy pouch if that’s what makes you comfy since this can help you with proper control as well. 

Bodily changes 

After the urostomy, there will be some changes to the body, for the most part, handled by the urostomy nurse that you have. 

The biggest bodily change is that stoma you’ll have and taking care of this too. You want to make sure that it’s properly around the appliance and fitting around the stoma, so that the skin isn’t’ in contact with the urine there, which does cause irritation as well. 

You want to make sure that before you leave, you’ve spoken to your nurse and had all of the questions that you had properly answered as best as you can, so that you’ll be able to get the supplies, but also 

the support and the care that you need for you as well.